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  • Leanna Kairua

Customs Declarant and Broker Course

The RMD - Cook Islands Customs Service (CICS) successfully completed a 4-day declarant training course with 19 successful participants. The training was held from 11-14 June 2024 at the Edgewater Resort and was made possible by funding from the PACER Plus Implementation Unit.

The declarant training covered five main modules, Customs Legal Environment, Rules of Origin (PACER Plus Trade Agreement), Customs Tariff, Customs Valuation and the use of the current CICS automated system, ASYCUDA World. The training was aimed at providing better understanding from importers/exporters and declarants around Customs processes and their rights and responsibilities.


The CICS Declarant Training Course is held twice a year with one in Rarotonga and one in Aituaki. 

Participant numbers are limited and the training is provided free of charge. Participants must attend the training all four days as well as pass the tests at the end of each module in order to successfully complete the training.


For any questions or if anyone is interested in participating in the next CICS Declarant Training Course, you can reach us on the following:

Phone: 29510

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