The Development Coordination Division


The Division is directed by the Cook Islands Development Partner Policy and reports to the National Sustainable Development Commission (NSDC).

The policy states that the achievement of the Cook Islands development outcomes will be supported by the effective and efficient use of Official Development Assisstance, aligned to the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP)

The Division fosters relationships with a broad range of development partners to broker coordinated arrangements. These activities are increasingly delivered through diverse partnerships at a variety of levels including local government, civil society, private sector and national government agencies.

The Division seeks to provide high quality development advice to partners including Ministers, government agencies, committees, community groups, private interest groups and donors.

The Division hosts the country liaison office of the Asian Development Bank and contributes to the development of concessional loans and blended financing arrangements with other partners like European Investment Bank and Development Partners like the People's Republic of China.

Estimated Official Development Assisstance over the coming three years along with past spends are reported in the national budget document annually. The Division produces annual financial statements which aim to produce a complete picture of Official Development Assisstance provided to the Cook Islands and its allocation by sector and activity.