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Revenue Management Division

Revenue Management Division (RMD) is made up of the Director’s office and support staff, Corporate Services, Cook Islands Customs Service and Inland Revenue.  Our Charter defines our purpose and service commitment to our customers.


Revenue Management's (RMD) role is to administer the customs and tax laws in a fair and equitable manner.  We protect our borders and collect tax on behalf of the Government. These services help keep our country safe and pay for the services that Government provides, such as healthcare services, education, infrastructure, law and order.


Our Pledge

"We will act without fear or favor to collect revenue which pays for our "Cook Islands way of life"

Our Services

Director’s Office


The Director’s Office includes the Director, who is also the Comptroller of Customs and the Collector of Inland Revenue, the Executive Assistant, the Office Assistant and the Legal team.

Corporate Services is responsible for several segments of RMD's operations, ranging from administrative functions in Human Resources, legal services, ICT, communications and Finance.  It also oversees the Design and Monitoring Team who leads the designing, development and implementation of Division-wide Compliance improvement strategies for Inland Revenue and the Cook Islands Customs Service and monitor their impacts on overall tax compliance.

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