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Financial Secretary Office

The Financial Secretary’s Office oversees Government finances and enforcement of the MFEM Act 1995-96 and associated policies. Our responsibilities include control and management of financial, human and capital resources.


Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is the Executive Head of the Ministry and is the principal Financial and Economic Advisor to the Government. The Financial Secretary is responsible for providing the Minister of Finance with the reports and associated information required in accordance with the MFEM Act 1995-96.

There are seven (7) Divisions within the Ministry that the Financial Secretary manages and oversees the delivery of all the Ministry's outputs.

There is also a wide range of international, regional and domestic committees and board obligations in which the Financial Secretary represents and provides leadership on behalf of the Cook Islands.

As part of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption the Financial Secretary also represents and is the Chair of the Cook Islands Anti-Corruption Committee.

Corporate Services

The responsibility of Corporate Services is to ensure that the Divisions work together as one Ministry, which provides a cohesive service to the Government.

  • Coordinate the development of the Ministry's long, medium and short-term strategic direction, including operating model, performance, monitoring and compliance approach.

  • Ministry's annual business plan development and coordinates divisional performance reporting.

  • Provides technical analysis and advice and implements intelligence products to support the Ministry decision-makers,

  • Develop and implement a communications framework and strategy and undertake quality assurance and peer review of written communications across the wider Ministry.

  • Develop and implement the Ministry's human resource and performance management framework, monitoring and reviewing performance strategy.

  • Develop Ministry-wide human resource strategies, leadership, policies, procedures and practices aligned with the business needs, add value and create an engaged group of high-performing employees.

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