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Exporting – Sending goods out

Exporting is easily referred to as taking or sending goods out of the country. Individuals, businesses, various organizations and or government agencies can export various goods however please ensure to follow importation requirements of the country receiving the exported goods.

A Customs Export Clearance is required for exported commercial goods.

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Customs Export Requirements:

  • an export entry must be submitted via the Cook Islands Customs Service online border management system.

  • export entries can only be submitted by approved Customs Brokers and Customs Declarants on behalf of the exporter.

  • the export entry must be submitted before the goods depart the Cook Islands.

Goods for export exempt from entry

Under Section 40 of the Customs Revenue and Border Protection Regulations 2012 – The following goods or classes of goods are exempt from requiring a Customs export clearance:

  • bona fide gifts to persons residing outside the Cook islands;

  • trade samples supplied without charge to persons residing outside the Cook Islands;

  • passenger’s baggage and effects, not including goods purchased in Duty Free;

  • goods exported by diplomatic missions;

  • film and video tape exported for use overseas and return to the Cook Islands;

  • commercial documents and newspapers;

  • ships and aircraft leaving the Cook Islands under their own power, other than those departing for sale overseas;

  • goods sent by parcel post for repair and return;

  • goods of a type normally used for commercial or business purposes such as laptops, computer devices and peripheral equipment (portable printers), portable typewriters, cellular telephones, video and other photographic equipment carried by a passenger leaving the Cook Islands;

  • any goods having an FOB value not exceeding $100 and not being – goods purchased in Duty Free.

Cook Islands Certificate of Origin for goods for export

The Cook Islands is a party to two free trade agreements:

  • PICTA (The Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement)

A free trade agreement among the Forum Island countries aimed at liberalizing the trade goods between parties. PICTA covers trade in goods between its members but does not cover trade in alcohol and tobacco products.

Goods exported for trade purposes to countries party to the PICTA trade agreement will require a Cook Islands Certificate of Origin. This ensures that Cook Islands exported goods for trade is applicable for preferential treatment under the PICTA Agreement. If applicable, exported goods may not incur import charges in the country of import.

The Cook Islands Certificate of Origin must be completed and submitted along with the Customs Export clearance for verification and processing.


  • PACER Plus (The Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations)

A trade and development agreement to help Pacific Islands countries trade across the Pacific by providing new exporting opportunities and attract international trade investments.

Under the PACER Plus agreement, goods exported for trade purposes will only require a simple declaration of origin by the producer or exporter. For more information, please contact us.

Cook Islands main exported goods

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Fish and Fish Products


Noni Juice

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