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Japan Assistance for Cultural
Grassroots Projects (GDGP)

Applications open all year round

The Japan Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects (GCGP) provides non-refundable financial assistance to support the implementation of cultural and higher education projects. GCGP directly supports the promotion of culture at the grass-roots level and higher education in each country, while also acting as cooperation which encourages understanding of and cultural exchanges with Japan.


Such projects can include the procurement, transportation and installation of equipment and construction or restoration of facilities used for various cultural and higher educational activities and the preservation of cultural heritage.


The Japan Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects (GCGP) is now available to the Cook Islands.

Eligible Recipients

The Embassy of Japan to the Cook Islands in New Zealand accepts applications from Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Local Government, non-profit organizations such as Universities.

Grant Amount

The grant amount per project generally cannot exceed 10 million JPY (approximately US$ 70,000 as of May 2023).

Project Areas

Projects that fall within the following areas can be assisted:

  • Japanese language education equipment (LL equipment, etc.) for the Japanese language departments at universities.

  • Sound and lighting equipment for theatres.

  • Sports equipment for sports facilities and organizations (including martial arts).

  • Audio-visual equipment for art galleries and museums.

Selection Criteria

  • Capability of the proponent (including track record, financial management capacity, implementation capability and monitoring system, etc.).

  • Project feasibility.

  • Sustainability.

  • Appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of the requested grant.

  • Necessity and impact.

Templates and Guidelines

How to Apply

Send your project request papers and all supporting documents to:




For more details please visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan:


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