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Taxpayer Services Team

The Taxpayer Service’s Team consists of three units - Counter Services, Outreach & Education and Processing. Each team has their own core functions but all are dependent on each other to deliver the best results for our taxpayer community.

The team's main function is to help taxpayers understand and comply with tax laws and regulations. We provide a range of services to taxpayers, including general information on tax laws and regulations, assistance in completing tax forms and filing tax returns, collection and application of tax payments as well as responding to tax-related queries that may arise.

In addition, the Taxpayer Services team may also provide educational resources to help taxpayers improve their understanding of tax laws and regulations, such as workshops, seminars, and online resources.

Overall, the Taxpayer Services team plays a critical role in ensuring that taxpayers have access to the information and support they need to comply with tax laws and regulations.

Counter Services


The frontline of Revenue Management, assisting both the Cook Islands Customs Services (CICS) and Inland Revenue (IR) in managing all payments and documents received over the counter, such as tax returns, registrations and import entries, and our initial point of contact for all appointments.

Outreach & Education

Outreach 2.jpg

Provides an important community service by enhancing public knowledge and education about tax rules in order to encourage voluntary compliance. Negotiates with various government authorities for tax compliance measures and industry groups for improvement in our services. Assists taxpayers and their agents with tax queries and concerns.



Managing the process of all tax returns and Revenue Management Number (RMD) registrations received both over the counter and electronically. Ensures that the Notice of Assessments and the confirmation letter of the RMD number are issued once processed, and assists taxpayers with any tax inquiries regarding tax returns and registrations.

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