Utilities Regulation Policy 2023

Draft Utilities Regulation (Electricity, Water & Sewerage Services) Bill


 pdfUtilities Regulation Bill - Consultation Draft

 pdfUtilities Regulation Policy 2023


The draft Utilities Regulation (Electricity, Water, and Sewerage Services) Bill 2023 has been released for public consultation. The closing date for submissions is 20 February 2023.

The draft bill and the final policy is available for download below or can be obtained by either contacting the MFEM Economic Planning Division on 29511 or via email at mfem.economics@cookislands.gov.ck

Submissions can be sent to MFEM by post at PO Box 120, Avarua; via e-mail at mfem.economics@cookislands.gov.ck, or lodged in person at Level 1, MFEM Building, Avarua. Submissions will be treated as public, unless confidentiality is requested. If a party wishes to request confidential treatment of any part(s) of its submission, that party must:

  • identify the part(s) of its submission in respect of which it asserts confidentiality;
  • set out the reason(s) for those part(s) of the submission to be treated as confidential; and
  • provide a redacted public version of the submission, for publication.