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Te Mana Arai o te Kuki Airani

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Agency Vision

"To be the leading revenue and border management organisation in the Pacific"

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About us

The Cook Islands Customs Service protects and promotes the Cook Islands through our border management services.


We are the Government agency with the role of ensuring security of our border across people, goods and craft.


We support trade activities by facilitating the legal movement of goods through our borders.

We achieve this through processing and providing clearance of the following:

  • Import declarations (bringing goods in).

  • Export declarations (sending goods out).

  • Import concessions or exemptions (reduces importation costs – import / duty).

Our Services

Customs Trade & Client Services
Customs Intelligence & Compliance
Customs Maritime

Our Teams

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Customs Trade and Client Services

We promote the Cook Islands international trade and collect revenue.

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Customs Intelligence & Compliance

We investigate illegal activities and prosecute where necessary.

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Customs Maritime

We ensure security of our border by facilitating the lawful movement of goods and crafts.

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Customs Aitutaki

We ensure security of our border as one of eight (8) designated Customs Ports in the Cook Islands.

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Customs Airport

We ensure security of our border by facilitating the lawful movement of travellers and goods.

Customs Aitutaki
Customs Airport
Asycudaworld & Trade Portal

Our Systems

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