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  • Leanna Kairua

Xavier Mitchell's Completion of Service

MFEM has recently farewelled Mr Xavier Mitchell, who served as the Collector, Comptroller and Director of Revenue Management Division (RMD) for six years.

Xavier, a proud Cook Islander, was born and raised in New Zealand, which gave him a unique perspective in his role as the Director. He joined MFEM in January 2018 on a three-year contract, which was later extended for another three years and two months, from February 2021.

Garth Henderson, the Financial Secretary, stated that it is always a challenge to find skilled and competent individuals for key positions in public service, and it is often necessary to recruit from overseas for specialized roles. Finding Xavier, who has a clear connection to the Cook Islands, was fortunate. I thank Xavier for his service and will continue to build on his legacy. Recruitment for a replacement is currently in progress.

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