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MEDIA RELEASE - Starlink Kits


Starlink kits are subject to the same rules as all imports to the Cook Islands. There is no import duty payable on the kits, but they are subject to 15% VAT on importation.  


If imported through normal channels such as mail, courier or freight systems importers will pay 15% VAT on the price of the kits plus the costs of bringing them to the Cook Islands. There will also be associated costs such as import entry fees and Customs Brokers charges which will vary according to transport mode.


If a kit is purchased overseas and accompanies a passenger to the Cook Islands, then that passenger may claim their $750 duty and VAT free allowance for the kit. If the kit cost more than $750 then the passenger will have to pay VAT on the amount over $750. The  passenger concession does not apply to commercial goods. Please note that failure to correctly declare your overseas purchases on arrival is an offence and may result in seizure of the goods and a fine.


If you have any questions, please call our friendly team on 29510 or email


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