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International Team

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The International Tax team is responsible for the administration of Cook Islands commitments to international exchanges of information for tax purposes between a number of partner jurisdictions. The team is headed up by the Revenue Management Division Director, and is staffed by a full time Senior Advisor with part time assistance from a Tax Officer. The functions of the team include:

  • Implementing international agreements and maintaining working relationships with our treaty partners.

  • Operating the RMD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) web portal that collects and monitors account information filed by Financial Institutions, then collate and exchange information for tax purposes in a secure and timely manner.

  • Performing awareness, support and compliance activities of CRS obligations within the financial services sector.

  • Ensuring our legal, technical, confidentiality and data safeguards, and compliance activities meets OECD standards.

  • Participating in Global Forum and Inclusive Framework seminars and peer reviews that regularly monitor and rate the effectiveness of our operations.

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