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India Grant Fund

Currently closed - invites for applications are open annually.

The India Grant Fund (IGF) is administered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management and is funded by the Indian Government under their grant-in aid programme.


This Funds seeks to support, promote or develop social, cultural, or economic development and sustainability, it should directly serve the basic needs of the community and have a positive and sustainable impact on the living conditions of the target group (e.g. projects referring to education, vocational training, hygiene standards, community development areas, gender).


Registered Cook Island Civil Society Organisations and government agencies can apply to the fund for projects of up to NZ$20,000.00.

Templates and Guidelines

Current Project Portfolio

2016 - 2017 Grant Project Portfolio



For further assistance or clarification please contact:

Tracy Cheer - Programme Manager

Mii Kino - Programme Assistance

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