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Economic Planning Division

We provide responsible leadership in national economic and financial management. The Division comprises an Economics Team and the National Budget and Planning Team.

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The Economics team monitors economic performance and provides strategic macroeconomic and microeconomic advice at national and sectoral levels to encourage strong economic and financial management. 

The team prepares analysis of the economy, monitors markets and pricing (including regulated markets), and prepares economic strategies and plans.

Our division was in charge of the Covid-19 Economic Response.

National Budget & Planning Team

The Team monitors performance and provides budgetary and planning advice at the national and sectoral levels to strengthen decision-making for effective financial and economic management.

A key role is the management and coordination of the Crown budget process in accordance with the MFEM Act 1995-96. This entails coordination and formulation of budget templates for Ministries/Crown Agencies, organising the selection of a Budget Committee, administration of Budget Committee requests, and compilation of Ministry/Crown Agency budget submissions to the Budget Committee, compiling revenue estimates, and reporting to Cabinet recommendations of the Budget Committee regarding budget submissions.

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