COVID-19 Economic Recovery Roadmap (ERR)

The Cook Islands experienced one of the largest economic contractions in the world as a result of the pandemic. The Economic Recovery Roadmap (ERR) is the government’s main vehicle to drive the Cook Islands’ economic recovery from COVID-19 over the next few years. The overall objective of the ERR is to grow the Cook Islands’ GDP to pre-COVID levels (around $550 million), and towards the path we would have been on pre-COVID by 2025, while keeping within our fiscal responsibility rules. The icons below represent each of the main ERR workstreams.

ERR overall image

Each of these areas work alongside the Economic Development Strategy 2030 released in January 2021 and include actions outlined in the strategy.

The managing the burden of public debt workstream is now complete, and subject to ongoing monitoring. The rest of the workstreams are in the implementation phase. MFEM will provide periodic updates on these workstreams, including seeking feedback on some of the proposed changes over the next couple of years.

For any queries regarding the Economic Recovery Roadmap, contact the MFEM Economic Planning Division on 29511 or email




With the arrival of COVID-19 to the Cook Islands, and with it the need for our people to quarantine or to isolate in order to protect others, Government will provide financial support to those who cannot work. Similar to the Wage Subsidy and Sole Trader Grants, this support will be made available to people working in the private sector through their employer, and paid at the rate of 8 days at the minimum wage. There is one level of payment for full-time workers, and one for part-time, just as there is for the Wage Subsidy, and for workers who have both a full-time job and a part-time job, the income support may be claimed for both jobs up to a maximum of one claim of each rate.
Note this support will only be available for as long as Te Marae Ora issues COVID-19 quarantine and isolation orders.

See Fact Sheet for further information:

pdfIsolation Income Support Fact Sheet



Applications for final Wage Subsidy and Sole Trader Cash Grants closed on 31 May 2022.
Factsheets with further information on each of the funding initiatives are below:

For any queries regarding Wage Subsidy or Sole Trader Applications, please contact the Revenue Management Division on 29365 (Mon - Fri from 1pm - 4pm) or email

Or for more information on the reinstated support measures, contact the MFEM Economic Planning Division on 29511 or email