Infrastructure Master Plan Volumes

Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) volumes:

 Volume 1 - Master Plan Overview: Is an executive summary of the entire TA, and draws together key sections of the other volumes, and information from the inception and mid- term reports.  It attempts to address, in a single volume, the requirements of the Project TOR

  Volume 2 - Preventative Infrastructure Master Plan: Is one of the main volumes of the project and provides the background and rationale for the proposed infrastructure in each of the sectors. It ends by proposing a comprehensive, phased infrastructure master plan across each of the designated sectors.

 Volumes 3 - Institutional Analysis & Preventative Capacity Development: Forms the other key section of the project.  It reviews existing institutional arrangements and considers alternatives for change that would enable new infrastructure initiatives to be more effective.

 Volume 4 - Climate Change Considerations & Building Codes: The basis for the project has been the issue of climate change. This volume updates the Cook Islands Climate Risk Profile and examines the climate change implications on each of the proposed infrastructure projects in the Master Plan. A further section provides a consideration of changes that should be made to the building code of the Cook Islands. 

Volume 5 - Project Profiles: This volume is an assembly of each of the proposed infrastructure project profiles together with tracking information. 

Volume 6 - Stakeholders Meeting Summaries: This volume is a documentation of all key stakeholder meetings undertaken during the TA. It is included as a reference document to be used by future consultants (and Cook Islands Government) as a supplement to their own investigations. 

Volume 7 - Planning & Engineering Data: This volume contains all the cost and engineering data used by the team in the development of the Master Plan profiles.