Europe Aid

European Commission (EC) - Development & Cooperation

EC assistance to the Cook Islands focuses on the water and sanitation and energy sector, in particular delivering support for sanitation policy and renewable energy. The Cook Islands is engaging in their second budget support contract with the EU under the 11th EDF. The shift to budget support occurred under the 10th EDF, and the financing agreement has been extended to deliver technical assistance to the water and sanitation sector until February 2018.

The EC's total allocation to the Cook Islands under 10th EDF amounts to €3.3 million, and 11th EDF (2014-2020) funding totals €1.4 million. An additional amount of €4.6 million has been committed from the EU "Sustainable Energy for All" initiative to support the Southern Renewable Energy Project, a blended financing project with ADB, EU, Japan and GEF to bring renewable energy to the Southern group of islands.

The Cook Islands has also participates in multiple regional programmes funded by the EU that provide support in areas including fisheries, tourism, disaster management, regional trade integration and public financial management among others.