Making a Living in The Pa Enua

DPM Atiu

Atiu – 12/13 February 2014

Day three of the Development Partners Meeting 2014 “Living in the Pa Enua” will take place on the Island of Atiu – Enuamanu (Island of the birds).  This will provide partners with the chance to view firsthand the realities of Life in the outer lying Islands of the Cook Islands (Pa Enua).

Attendees will fly out to Atiu the morning of the 12th of February and overnight there, returning to Rarotonga on the 13th of February.   Number of seats and accommodation for this part of the programme will be limited, so it is important that those wanting to take part register as early as possible to secure a place.

The Development Coordination Division has compiled a Participant’s Package inclusive of flights, accommodation, meals and transportation which will cost a total of $750NZD per person.

Please note that Accommodation and transportation options on the Island of Atiu are few and limited, it will not be possible for participants to select their own accommodation and transportation and in most instances they may have to share. 

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Items of necessity when travelling to Atiu include:

  • Mosquito repellant
  • Casual island attire
  • Comfortable walking shoes

It is important to take note that water is also limited in Atiu so it is recommend that you consider bringing bottled water along.  Each chartered plane (max 3) will carry 12 persons with up to 10kg of hand luggage.  This is domestic travel, there are no restrictions on liquids and aerosols.

If you are going to attend the Atiu Day, please ensure you notify your hotel booking to avoid being billed for the night of 12/13 February.

If you require more information please contact us on