Adaptation Fund

The Adaptation Fund is an international fund that finances projects and programms aimed at helping developing countries to adpat to the Harmful effects of Climate Change. 

The Adaptation Fund was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Concention on Climate Change. with over U$778,000,000 allocated, the Adaptation Fund gives developing countries full ownership of adapation projects, from planning through implementation, while ensureing monitroing and transparency at every step. 

Climate Change is predicted to greatly affect the poorest people in the world, who are often hardest hit by weather catasrphoes, desertification and rising sea levels, but who have contributed the lease to the problem of global warming. climate change has already contributed to worsening food security, reduced the predicatble availability of water and exacebated the spread of diseas and other threats to human health. 

Helping the most vulnerable communities is an increasing channgele and iperative for the internal community, especially because climate adaptation requires significant resources beyond what is already needed to achieve international development objectives. 



National Implementing Entity

AF Accreditation

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management was accredited to the Adapatation Fund in 2016.

MFEM was the second National Implementing Entity (NIE) to be accredited through the funds streamlined process for small implementing entities, which was adopted in 2014.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management is fully committed to abiding by the Adaptation Funds Environmental and social Policy and Gender Policy. these policies are critical in ensuring that funded projects and programmes do not result in avoidable environemental and social and gender risks