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Release of Report on Feasibility of an International Submarine Cable System for the Cook Islands

Minister for Finance releases feasibility report on Telecommunications Cable to the Cook Islands.
The Cook Islands Minister for Finance, the Honourable Mark Brown has released a report provided by the ADB to the Government in 2013 on the feasibility of an international submarine cable system for the Cook Islands.   In releasing the report Minister Brown outlined 
“our connectivity to the world is an important aspect of improving our future economic potential, providing services through government and also for people in the community to access the wide range of services available through the internet.”
The study was undertaken in early 2013, prior to the actual introduction of the O3B service to the Cook Islands and identified that at the time the best route option for an ultra-high capacity international submarine cable system would be a direct cable from Rarotonga to Tahiti.
The capital cost of such a cable was estimated to be USD33.6 million (NZD 39.9 million at exchange rates of the time).
The report points out that whilst this at the time was the preferred cable route for the analysis it did not rule out the possibility of other route options worthy of consideration emerging into the future. 

Release of information relating to Pacific Schooners delivery of service for the Te Maeva Nui shipping20150731

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management is currently in the process of updating the whole of government procurement website with details on contracts and tenders issued by agencies of government from 1 July 2013. 
Our aim is to ensure that this website is regularly updated. 
There have been a number of requests under the Official Information Act to provide a copy of the recently signed vessel charter agreement between the Government and Pacific Schooners to return people back to the Pa Enua following the completion of Te Maeva Nui and the Constitutional Celebrations. 
I have released a copy of the agreement which can be found at the MFEM website. Arrangements which are commercial in their nature have been withheld. This balances the need for transparency with the rights of businesses dealing with government in commercial matters to commercial confidentiality. 
The Government has agreed with Pacific Schooners on a chartering rate of $7,500 a day. 

Commemorative Issue of Cook Islands Circulating Coins

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Self Government the Ministry of Finance of Economic Management has a limited set of Cook Islands circulating coins set in a special sleeve for sale for $30.  
The set features the circulating currency which will be launched on Cook Islands Constitution Day on 4 August 2015.
The set consists of six coins with the obverse side of featuring the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the year of mintage (2015). The reverse side of each coin features a number of different designs featuring the culture and traditions of the Cook Islands.
                             Diameter           Weight             Shape                      Reverse Design
                              (mm)                  (gm)
10 Cent                  19                     2.79                 Round                     Oranges with Leaves
20 Cent                  21                     3.64                 Round                     Kakaia Bird (Fairy Tern)
50 Cent                  24.2                  5.47                 Round                     Albacore Tuna
1 Dollar                  28.52              10.86                 Scallop                    Tangaroa, God of the Sea
2 Dollars                23.89                7.65                 Triangular                Kumete-Traditional Food Pounding Table
5 Dollars                28.75              11.3                   12 Sided                  Traditional Vaka
For further details on sales please contact Terry Piri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 29511 Ext 806.  
Stocks are limited.  


The Prime Minister, Minister for Tourism and Minister for Immigration, the Honourable Henry Puna, announced today that the requirement for people departing the Cook Islands to complete a departure form would cease from 1 August 2015.   
The Prime Minister indicated that he had been approached in recent months by representatives of the tourism industry to review the process of requiring international passengers leaving the Cook Islands having to fill out a departure card.
“We have balanced our need to collect information on arrival and departures and the corresponding bureaucracy which has become redundant with the onset of technology.  The completion of a departure card, whilst appropriate many years ago to ensure the credibility of our immigration system, has become a needless process because of our new system which does the work for us.  I am particularly happy with the way the different agencies got together, recognised that an improvement was need, and worked through this issue to come up with a solution, including MFEM, MFAI, FSC and Tourism.”
From 1 August anyone leaving the Cook Islands will only have to check in and follow the normal security checks before immigration processing.  Arrival cards will still need to be completed.
Ms Myra Patai, the acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, pointed out that all immigration data is captured electronically through the border management system. “For some years now we have captured this information electronically, and the presentation of a passport to an immigration officer, is the equivalent of making a declaration.”    
The Chief Statistician, Taggy Tangimetua outlined that MFEM no longer inputs the details from the cards into the statistical system as the information is extracted from the border management system.  “A number of years ago, our officers would essentially re-input all the information from both the departure and arrival cards, now we import the information electronically into our statistical database which allows my staff to do higher value work.”  
Halatoa Fua, the CEO of the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation emphasised the need to continually review government processes and to appreciate what adds value and what does not.  “We are in a competitive environment, anything we can do that can improve the visitor experience without compromising our genuine regulatory requirements is welcome.”    
Head of the FIU, Mr Bob Williams outlined that there is still a requirement for departing passengers to declare carriage of any monies or financial instruments with a value of NZD10,000 or greater, or its foreign equivalent, and that a sign have been placed in the vicinity of the departure area which will clearly outline the responsibility of passengers to make any such declaration to a customs  officer.
The Prime Minister outlined his Government’s continued efforts to reform areas which will improve the tourist experience. “Over the previous four years we have included the departure tax in the ticket, removed the need for international visitors to acquire a driver’s licence, and now we will remove the departure card.  These are little things but when we add them together we see that the cumulative impact is a large one.”


The Government of the Cook Islands seeks suitable companies, groups or individuals to submit a tender for the Sale of Assets of 20 vehicles. These vehicles will supplement the existing private rental fleet and government fleet which is being used for the transportation of a number of VIPs who will be attending the activities celebrating 50 years of Self Government.

All vehicles will be registered prior to use and sold on the basis that they will be made available for transportation of VIPs during the 50 year celebrations with a number also being required for the combined Pacific Forum Economic and Trade Ministers (FEMM and FTMM) to be held in the week 26 to 31 October 2015. All vehicles will be sold as new by tender on an as-is where is basis.

Tenderers may tender for one or more vehicles for sale by tender Highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.


Tenders are to be submitted in hard copy, packaged and labelled "CONFIDENTIAL" in a sealed envelope marked:

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management
1415xx - Government Celebration Vehicles
Tender 4:00 pm Friday 31 July 2015

The tender box will be located at Office of the Public Sector Commission, Old Philatelic Building (Ground floor) Avarua.

CAR TYPES                                       NO.    COLOUR                                     BROCHURE                                                                         

Hyundai Elantra Elite                          9       Black x 4, White x 2, Red x 2

Hyundai Sonata Elite                          5       Black x 4, Blue x 1           

Hyundai IX 35 2.0 Litre 2WD Std      4       Black                                   

Hyundai IX 35 2.0 Litre  2WD Elite   2       Black                                   

For further information in regards to the Sale by Tender for Government VIP Vehicles please contact:

Mr Russell Hynd
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +682 29511
Tenders Close: 4:00 pm Friday 31 July 2015

 Please visit the Procurement Tender webpage at for more information.




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