Miscellaneous Statistics - December quarter 2015

Released 21 April 2016

Key facts

For the December quarter, 2015:

  • The total value of buildings approved during the December quarter 2015 (4,540) increased by 14.3 per cent over the September quarter 2015 (3,973).
  • Total electricity generated in the Cook Islands for the December quarter 2015 was 7.4 million kWh.
  • International flights out of Rarotonga decreased by 18 flights during the December quarter 2015. 
  • Newly registered vehicles for December quarter 2015 was up by 0.4 per cent compared to the September quarter 2015. 
  • The total weight of 343,000 kilograms of air cargo was recorded for the December quarter 2015.
  • Rarotonga and Aitutaki recorded an average temperature of 24.2  and 24.8 degrees Celsius respectively, with a total rainfall of 220 millimeters for Rarotonga and 464 millimeters for Aitutaki.

 Misc Statistics Graph 201504


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