Miscellaneous Statistics - December Quarter 2020

Key Facts

Building Approvals – The total value of buildings approved during the December quarter 2020 is 3,319

Electricity Generated - Total electricity 5.6 million kWh and total renewable 2.2 million kWh generated in the Cook Islands for the December quarter 2020.

Aircraft Movement - International flights out of Rarotonga recorded 14 flights during December quarter 2020

Newly Registered Motor Vehicle - Newly registered vehicles recorded is 231 for December quarter 2020

Air Cargo - The total weight of 188,000 kilograms of air cargo was recorded in the December quarter 2020

Climate - Rarotonga and Aitutaki and Penrhyn recorded an average temperature of 25.2 and 24.9 and 28.2 degrees Celsius.

 Building Approvals


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