National Accounts

A quarterly and annual estimation of  gross domestic product (GDP) by sector and industries including growth rates of each economic sector and their contribution to GDP.

National Accounts

National Accounts - September Quarter 2020

Key Facts:

In the September 2020 quarter compared to June 2020 quarter:

Current GDP for September Quarter 2020 totalled $112.6 million compared to $110.9 million in June 2020.

In real prices September quarter 2020 recorded a value of $95.0 millioncompared to $93.5 million in June 2020.

Cook Islands economy (at nominal prices) increased by 1.6 percent when compared to June quarter 2020.

Service industries – down 0.8 percent

Primary industries – down 5.2 percent

Goods-producing industries showed the only positive growth - up 21.4 percent due to the growth in construction activities during this period.


GDP Statistics Graph1 2003


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