National Accounts

A quarterly and annual estimation of  gross domestic product (GDP) by sector and industries including growth rates of each economic sector and their contribution to GDP.

National Accounts

National Accounts - March quarter 2016

Release - December 7th 2016

Key facts

Gross Domestic Product: March quarter 2016

  • Economic activity was down 5.7 per cent in March 2016 quarter when compared to December quarter 2015.


  • When compared to same quarter of previous year, GDP increased by 13.4 per cent.


  • Largest increase of “percentage change over previous quarter (at constant prices)” was from the Finance and Business Sector with an increase of 49.8 per cent.


  • The main contributors to growth were Wholesale and Retail (5.0 per cent); Finance and Business Services (4.5 per cent); Restaurant and Accommodation (3.5 per cent); Transport Storage and Communication (2.5 per cent); Fishing and Pearl (0.9 per cent); Education and Health (0.6 per cent); Agriculture (0.2 per cent) followed with minor percentage point contribution from Public Administration and Ownership of Dwellings.

Graph below shows the quarterly percentage change over previous quarter of GDP at current and constant prices

GDP Statistics Graph1 201601 1


Annual GDP Latest release

Key facts

In the 2012 calendar year:

  • Economic activity increased in real terms by 4.4 percent.
  • Construction (up 29.7 per cent), Fishing and Pearl (up 9.8 per cent), and Restaurants and Accommodation (up 5.9 per cent) were the main drivers of growth.
  • Mining and Manufacturing (down 7.9 per cent) had the largest decline.
  • GDP per capita was $14,939 (up 1.2 percent). 

2013 GDP at current and constant prices


More Information about National Accounts

The Cook Islands National Accounts are largely based on the United Nations Systems of National Accounts 1993 (SNA93) framework. Data on gross domestic product (GDP) at current and constant prices is compiled using the production approach (one of the three GDP approaches). 2006 prices are used for deriving GDP at real or constant prices and which has been estimated for the years 2000-2011.

GDP data is published on a quartelry and annual basis (both at current and at real prices) and includes:

  • Quarterly and annual GDP
  • GDP per capita
  • Quarterly and annual growth rate
  • GDP by institutional sectors
  • GDP by industry
  • GDP by primary/secondary/tertiary sector

Data on GNI is not available.