National Accounts

A quarterly and annual estimation of  gross domestic product (GDP) by sector and industries including growth rates of each economic sector and their contribution to GDP.

National Accounts

National Accounts - December Quarter 2018


This is the first release of Cook Islands GDP using 2016 as the new base year for constant prices and the new benchmark year for current prices. Prior to this, the base year for constant price GDP estimates was 2006. Due to the rebase process, revisions have been made therefore, previous publications may differ to what is provided in this release.

Key Facts

Quarterly GDP Highlights – December Quarter 2018:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for December Quarter 2018 at current prices was $141.7 million, decreasing by 3.1 percent when compared to September quarter 2018.
  • At constant 2016 prices, December quarter 2018 recorded a value of $142.2 million. This is an increase of 6.0 percent in economic activity when compared to the same quarter of the previous year.
  • Large percentage growth (at constant 2016 prices) was experienced in the Information and Communication industry, up by 52.3 percent.
  • Largest negative drop can be seen in the Fishing and Pearls industry, down by 43.1 percent.

GDP Statistics Graph1 201804


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