About Us

We are the country’s main source of national official statistics. Statistics produced by the NSO play a direct and significant role in the formation and monitoring of government policies.

We have been collecting and disseminating statistical information for more than 45 years. Currently we have ten permanent staff and one temporary employee in the Statistics Office. Our chief executive, the Government Statistician, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office. The Government Statistician also acts as the Chief Electoral Officer for the Cook Islands. 


We administer the Statistics Act 2016. The Act authorises us to collect information concerning any or all of the classes of official statistics specified. To learn more, download a copy of the pdfStatistics Act 2016


The functions of the Cook Islands Statistics are:

  1. to collect, compile, analyse, abstract, and publish statistics on the Cook Islands economic, financial, production, environmental and social matters;
  2. make or construct statistical estimates, forecasts, projections and statistical models;
  3. to define, lay down, and promote standard concepts, procedures, definitions and classifications for use in official statistics;
  4. and to inform other government departments on the suitability of statistical projects initiated or carried on by them.

Most of the statistics found on our website are collected and compiled in the Statistics Office while some have been collected from other sources in a form ready for publication. Where other agencies are involved, this is cited.