Revenue Management Division Charter

What are your rights and obligations as a taxpayer?

Revenue Management collects money to pay for public services.

We work within the Revenue Acts and other relevant laws to help people meet their obligations.


How we will work with you.

We will be prompt, courteous and professional.

The person you are dealing with will give you their name.

We will follow through on what we say we will do.

We will strive to continually improve our service.

We acknowledge your individual needs and will tailor assistance accordingly.


Reliable advice and information.

We will provide you with reliable and correct advice and information about your tax obligations.

We will assist you to get in touch with the right people for your needs.

We will be well-trained and competent.

We will keep looking for new and improved ways to give you advice and information.


Confidentiality and privacy.

We respect your privacy and treat all information about you as private and confidential.

Information you provide will be kept secure and will be used or disclosed only as required by law.


Consistency and equity.

We will apply the law fairly and consistently so everyone pays the right amount.

We will be firm with those who try to avoid their obligations and effective in bringing them to account.

We will take your particular circumstances into account as far as the law allows us to.


Your rights and obligations.

You can question the information, advice and service we give you.  We will inform you about options available for resolving disagreements, and we will work with you to try and reach an outcome quickly and simply.

If you are in business it is your obligation to comply with audits from time to time.

If you owe tax we expect prompt and full payment.  If you cannot fully pay your tax on time we expect you to contact us so that a mutually acceptable arrangement for payment can be reached.

For this Charter to work effectively, we rely on each taxpayer to provide all the relevant information when dealing with Revenue Management.


Treasurer of Revenue Management