Cook Islands: Ministry of Finance

Treasury Division

Kia Orana,

Treasury Management Division of MFEM is made up of 4 sub-divisions:

Crown Accounting 

The recording function of Treasury, this is made up of technical accounting staff with their main role is to ensure that reporting is accurate so that decisions are made on reliable information.

Budget and Economic Policy 

Budgeting, providing advice and analysis on Government’s policy decisions, more details below.

Funds Management 

Payment arm of Treasury, managing Government’s Cashflow, bank deposits and the debt management system. 


All government payroll is processed within this division

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Latest News from the Treasury Division
3rd Feburary 2014
The Cook Islands Government Budget Policy Statement was relesed by Cabinet today. All Government Agencies and Ministries are advised to incorporate Policy statements into their respective  Business Plans for 2015-16.
A copy of the Budget Policy Statement can be downloaded here
30th July 2014
 The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Division in its goal to improve transparency and accountability for all Government Procurement activities, has gathered information from the respective Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). As a result of this a list of contracts awarded with start dates and end dates has been made available to the Public. More information on the contracts awarded will be made available as soon as MFEM receives them from the respective MDAs. 
A copy of the contracts awarded can be found here.
18th December 2013
The Budget Policy Statement states Government’s policy intent for the 2014/15 fiscal year including the Government’s fiscal policy and its broad strategic priorities to lead the 2014/15 Budget.On 25-26 November 2013, a Head of Ministries (HOM’s) retreat was held to discuss and develop strategic priorities for the BPS. From these discussions, seven broad strategic priorities were developed and endorsed by cabinet.  

The HYEFU provides the first update on economic and fiscal parameters since the 2013/14 Budget published in June 2013. The budget position for 2013/14 and 2014/15 has deteriorated since the publication of the 2013/14 Budget, due to both parameter changes and decisions which have been taken by Government since the Budget.

A copy of the BPS and HYEFU can be found here.

For the full details of this Media Release, please click here.  
26th November 2013

Budget Consultation Document 2014/15 Released

The Budget Consultation document 2014/15 has been released and is now available electronically on the MFEM Website and in hard copy from the MFEM Office.  The document contains some basic facts to inform people on how to prepare for the 2014/15 Budget. The 2014/15 Budget intends to outline in detail every estimate of revenue and expenditure for the next three years out to 2016/17 enabling Ministries to improve their planning and improve coherence with the National Sustainable Development Plan.

 The Minister of Finance along with the Financial Secretary would like to encourage the public to have their say into the budget process for 2014/15.

It is the Government’s desire to get more input into the budget process from across the community and welcome ideas from people across the country.  This is aimed at the on-going development and prosperity of the Cook Islands. 

For more information and a copy of the Budget Consultation Document 2014/15, please click here.

20th November 2013

Inclusive Disability Budgeting and Statistics Workshop

Edward Parker from the Budget Division of MFEM travelled to Nadi, Fiji during the Month of November 2013 to participate in the Inclusive Disability Budgeting and Statistics Workshop.

To see pics and find out more about this exciting trip, including outcomes achieved from attending this workshop for the Cook Islands, please click here.

20th November 2013

MFEM to consult Northern Group of the Pa Enua on the Tax Review

James Webb from the Budget and Economic Division will be travelling to the Northern Group of the Cook Islands on Monday 25th November 2013, along with the Minister of Finance Mark Brown and Minister for Tourism Teina Bishop to hold consultations on the Tax Review, the Outer Island Funding Model, and general economic issues.

For more information - click the media release here

5th November 2013

Economic Advisor consults Southern Group on Budget and Tax issues

Consultaions on the Tax Review, the Outer Island Funding Model, and general economic issues with the Southern Group of the Cook Islands has taken place.  

For more information, please click the media release here