Cook Islands: Ministry of Finance


Agriculture Census 2011

The Agriculture Census was run for the first time with the Census of Population and Dwelling simultaneously in 2011. the report can be accessed below Agriculture Census 2011

Selected Key Economic Indicators

This page contains selected key economic indicators currently available. The table will expand as more of these indicators become available. 

Selected Key Economic Indicators
Indicator Value Latest Year Available
GDP Current per capita 20,583 2014(p)
GDP Constant per capita 16,269 2014(p)
GDP at Current Prices (NZD'000) 382.8 2014(p)
GDP at Constant Prices (NZD'000) 302.6 2014(p)
CPI - Total Index 129.62 2014
CPI - % Index Change over Previous 2.11 2014
GFS - Revenue (Current) FY (NZD'000) 143,747 2012/13 (p)
GFS - Expenditure (Current) FY (NZD'000) 137,622 2012/13 (p)
Balance of Payments - Overall Balance (NZD'000) 135,324 2014(p)
Trade - Imports (Value) (NZD'000) 133,670 2014(p)
Trade - Exports (Value) (NZD'000) 21,276 2014(p)

Source: Statistics Office