Cook Islands Economic Development Strategy – August 2019

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is commencing the first round of
consultation on the Economic Development Strategy (EDS) in the Pa Enua this week. A major focus of the
strategy will be on driving sustainable economic development in the Pa Enua by addressing economic
challenges or constraints on the one hand, and identifying realistic economic opportunities or prospects
that are worth pursuing, on the other.

Consultation commences in Mangaia on 29th August. This will be followed by Mitiaro, Mauke and Atiu
during the week of 2nd September, and Pukapuka, Rakahanga, Manihiki and Penryhn during the week of
9th September. The aim of the consultation is to listen to community and business views to better inform
the EDS.

Following the Pa Enua consultation, MFEM will undertake public and private consultations in Aitutaki and
Rarotonga during September and October.

A second round of consultation will commence on 22nd October 2019 with an Economic Development
Conference to take place at the National Auditorium. Stakeholders from business, community groups,
government and the Pa Enua will have the opportunity to come together to discuss economic
opportunities and challenges in an open national forum.

Financial Secretary Garth Henderson said ‘While economic development strategies have been attempted
in the past, we are now operating in a very different economic context; one where we have experienced
strong economic growth in recent years, so much so that we will be graduating to developed economy
status in 2020. This status requires us to place a greater emphasis on forward economic planning to ensure
that our growth is maintained at a sustainable rate.’

Queries regarding the Economic Development Strategy (EDS) can be directed to the Economic Planning
Division at Further information is available at

27 August 2019