Asia Pacific project preparation facility

Recent in-country visits by consultant’s from ADB’s Asia Pacific Project Preparation Facility have left stakeholders enthusiastic about the prospects the facility offers. ICI’s Secretary Ngametua Pokino said his ministry “is excited at the prospect of this facility providing opportunities for capacity building and to enhance our ongoing commitment to working in partnership with the private sector.”

Not yet heard of the facility? Here is some important information for you. The facilities primary objective is to assist governments in preparing and structuring infrastructure projects with private sector participation. In particular they provide capacity related assistance to infrastructure projects like regulatory reform and institutional practices, due diligence and preparation of projects, marketing, tendering and awarding projects as well as project monitoring and project restructuring.

The private sector can benefit from this facility as it creates business opportunities for consultants and contractors and creates project investment opportunities by encouraging governments to tap into the facility.

For more information on the facility and a user guide go to the MFEM website or visit The Office of Public–Private Partnership of the Asian Development Bank commenced operations in January 2016. Target sectors include energy, transport, urban development, and social infrastructure.


For further information about the Office of Public-Private Partnerships, contact: Patrick Blanchard, AP3F Coordinator, Tel: +63 (2) 632 4444 (ext.70184) Email: