Media Release: Cook Islands NIE Accreditation

The Adaptation Fund accredited the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) as a National Implementing Entity (NIE) for the Cook Islands on 14 July 2016.

MFEM is the second NIE to be successfully accredited through the Fund’s new streamlined accreditation process for smaller implementing entities, which was adopted in 2014 and was also used to accredit the Micronesia Conservation Trust in April of 2015. As such, MFEM is also the second pacific island to be accredited to the Fund, representing a major achievement within the Pacific Region.

MFEM’s application to the Fund was formally submitted in December 2014 and the road to achieving this significant milestone has been an invaluable journey. MFEM would therefore like to thank the National Steering Group, our partners under the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance and the United Nations Environment Programme. The accreditation process has provided an opportunity in strengthening the national systems and capabilities of the public service to ensure development partners maintain their confidence in our national systems. We have acknowledged the challenges we face but the accreditation to the Fund is definitely worth the pursuit in the Cook Islands forward journey into becoming a stronger resilient country.

Direct access to climate finance will ensure the Cook Islands are able to access domestically and international additional sources of climate finance to carrying out climate adaptation activities and projects. In 2012 the Adaptation Fund approved US $5.3 million overseen by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to support the implementation of Strengthening the Resilience of our Islands and our Communities to Climate Change (SRIC). This project is being managed by Climate Change Cook Islands (CCCI), Office of the Prime Minister. This programme’s objective is to strengthen the ability of Pa Enua, and all Cook Island communities, to make informed decisions and manage anticipated climate change driven pressures in a proactive, integrated and strategic manner.

18 July 2016