Election observer mission to Vanuatu


  The Pacific Islands Forum has accepted an invitation from Vanuatu to send an Observer Mission to observe and assess the Vanuatu Parliamentary elections on the 22nd of January.  Cook Islands Chief Electoral Mrs Taggy Tangimetua will be part of the mission with Forum executives and delegates from Tonga.  The team will be in Vanuatu next week until after the elections.  The mission will monitor Vanuatu's electoral process not only to assess compliance but also to learn from and share any lessons with other member countries.  Taggy has participated on other observer missions such as the UK Elections in May 2015. That mission was aimed to provide a snap-shot assessment of the UK elections with the report provided to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) UK. The request from the Pacific Islands Forum for Taggy to be part of the mission is a reflection of her esteem across the region and we are very proud of her.  

 [END] 8 January 2016