Rarotonga Water Tank Subsidy Project - Applications Closed

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) as the agency managing the Rarotonga Water Tank Subsidy Project would like to inform the general public that new applications for new water tank subsidies will no longer be received.

Project applications up until the end of November 2015 have exceeded initial expectations.

All project funds available to date have been fully committed to complete processing of over 800 applications already received.

Initially the project was to be completed by 31 December 2015. Instead, Cabinet has approved the extension of current activities to 30 June 2016 specifically to close off this project and allow more time to process existing applications including the implementation of already approved work with contractors.

Work is also required for at least one application inspection visit to determine subsidy eligibility criteria for applications received but which have not yet been approved. For approved applications one more inspection visit is required to confirm installation of water tank before payment of subsidy.

For more information refer to the MFEM website at http://www.mfem.gov.ck/development?id=299  or contact the Project Coordinator Michelle Aisake at DCD Office on email michelle.aisake@cookislands.gov.ck or  call 29 521.