Feedback sought on proposed changes to the CINSF Act

The Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund (CINSF) is an important part of the Cook Islands policy on retirement income. This policy is a traditional three pillar approach consisting of:

  • first tier – a basic universal pension provided to eligible Cook Islanders by either the Government of the Cook Islands (available from 60 years) or the Government of New Zealand (available from 65 years);
  • second tier – income derived from a mandatory saving through the CINSF (available from 55 years); and
  • third tier – income or wealth from voluntary savings through either additional contributions to the CINSF or some other form of retirement savings which are undertaken privately.

The Government is seeking feedback from all stakeholders of the CINSF on proposed changes to the CINSF which are aimed at improving outcomes for all members of the CINSF. The CINSF is a mandatory defined contributory superannuation scheme which aims to pay a final pension to a member which is determined on the value of the financial assets which a member accumulates prior to retirement.

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