Release of information relating to Pacific Schooners delivery of service for the Te Maeva Nui shipping20150731

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management is currently in the process of updating the whole of government procurement website with details on contracts and tenders issued by agencies of government from 1 July 2013. 

Our aim is to ensure that this website is regularly updated. 

There have been a number of requests under the Official Information Act to provide a copy of the recently signed vessel charter agreement between the Government and Pacific Schooners to return people back to the Pa Enua following the completion of Te Maeva Nui and the Constitutional Celebrations. 

I have released a copy of the agreement which can be found at the MFEM website. Arrangements which are commercial in their nature have been withheld. This balances the need for transparency with the rights of businesses dealing with government in commercial matters to commercial confidentiality. 

The Government has agreed with Pacific Schooners on a chartering rate of $7,500 a day.