2014 November Tourist Arrivals

November 2014 visitor arrivals were 9,417, a decrease of 934 (-9.0 per cent) compared to visitor arrivals in November 2013. November arrivals have been performing well for the last 2 years (November 2012 and 2013) with arrivals exceeding 10,000 in both years.   

The decline was driven mainly by a fall in Australian arrivals of 715 (a 30.2 per cent fall compared to November 2013), with a further 284 fall coming from New Zealand arrivals (a 4.6 per cent fall from November 2013). European arrivals were the only market to show an increase, with 195 more arrivals than in November 2013. 

While the monthly visitor arrivals for the last three months have been volatile, the overall performance has been consistent with the 2014/15 Budget forecasts. The Australian market continues to be a key focus for the Cook Islands so the performance of their arrivals will be looked at closely over the next few months.