National Sustainable Development Commission (NSDC)

In June 2008, The Cook Islands Government (Cabinet and Caucus members) highlighted their concern about the delay in implementing infrastructure projects. As a result of this concern, a new entity called the National Sustainable Development Commission was formed as per Cabinet Minute CM(08) 312. 

The main role of this NSDC is to provide sound strategic advice to Cabinet on the proper allocation of all developmental aid to all sectors of the economy and to ensure that such allocation is aligned to the successful implementation of the National Sustainable Development Plan. As assistance volumes and complexity of ODA programmes have grown, the NSDC has reorganised to meet new demands. The private-public Infrastructure Committee hosted by the Cook Islands Investment Corporation now oversees all of the Cook Islands infrastructure programme (including ODA) and reports on results to the NSDC.

Furthermore, this entity works closely with key national systems a such as to the Budget Policy Statement and the Mid term Budgeting framework to ensure ODA is effectively implemented and results that matter are accomplished.


  • Systematic allocation of budget and aid resources[1][1], in line with national plan directions/strategies/programs & projects.
  • Top end policy advice to Cabinet on sustainable development and resource allocation decisions and implications.


Chiefs of Staff or Heads of Ministries of:

  • Office of the Prime Minister (Chair, NSDP and policy advice)
  • Crown Law (legal implications)
  • MFEM/DCD (resource advice)
  • Foreign Affairs (aid and foreign relations advice)
  • Public Service Commission (public service implications)
  • Ministry of Education for Human Resource Development (capacity and upskilling implications)


Central Planning and Policy Office will be responsible for:Preparing and distributing meeting briefs suitably in advance of regular meetings

  • Providing advisory support to the Chair and members on NSDP matters;
  • Following up outcomes
  • Recording meeting decisions and outcomes and preparing relevant papers for Chairs submission to Cabinet, Ministries, and related stakeholders.
  • Prepare media releases for the Chair and Commission.

[1][1] Resources in this context means Aid and Local Funding

NSDC Term of References

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