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This diagram demonstrates the steps involved in the Grants awarding system for approving grants.

 grant evaluation procedure flowchart


There are currently no Grants available from MFEM. As soon as Grant Funds become available the application notice and process can be accessed via this website.

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Projects Island Description Donor amount received NSDC Decisions
Amuri Village Aitutaki Replace roofing Amuri Village community hall $26,000 Approved 
Apii Avarua Parent Teacher Association Rarotonga Installation of Canopy $150,000 Approved
ARAP Growers Association Incorporated Rarotonga Machinery -Excavator for the growers association + trailer $50,000 Approved
Cook Islands Canoeing Association Rarotonga K1 – for a career in sports $30,000 Approved
Cook Islands Fire & Safety Rarotonga Road Safety – Vision Speed Indicating Devices $128,000 Approved
Creative Centre Trust Rarotonga Transportation for Creative Centre $41,000 Approved
Imanuela Akatemia Rarotonga School Playground Redevelopment $66,000 Apprioved
Mangaia Island Government Mangaia Mangaia Water transportation and trailer $40,000 Approved
Matavera Fishing Club Association Rarotonga Community fishing boat, trailer and fishing equipment $45,000 Approved
Matavera Growers Association Rarotonga Machinery for Growers association $40,000 Approved
Mitiaro Island Government Mitiaro Improving the sanitary facility of the local community halls $64,000 Approved
Rauti Maori Incorporated Mitiaro Development of the Mitiaro bowling green $120,000 Approved
Sailing Cook Islands Rarotonga Sailing academy education and training programs $44,000 Approved
Te Kaupua – Pukapuka Disability Assocation Pukapuka Complete construction of the Pukapuka Disability Recreation Centre $22,000 Approved
Te Matahorua Growers Manihiki Food security and nutrition for manihiki $50,000 Approved
Tupapa Maraerenga maternal and child health clinic Rarotonga Revitalization of the Tupapa health clinic $50,000 Approved


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