Cook Islands Agriculture

The Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for agricultural development, legislation and sustainability in the Cook Islands. Whose vision is for an environment to be relatively free of serious plant and animal pestilence to enable a healthy sustainable method of food production in plants and livestock where possible.

The Ministry of Agriculture has a two- fold purpose:

  1. Enact all agricultural legislation pertaining to the export and import of plants and plant products, animals and animal products as to maximise the contribution of the sector to the country’s economic development while at the same time safeguarding its fragile environment from the intrusion of unwanted pests and diseases; and
  2. Implement Government policy relating to the agriculture sector development under its economic sustainability goal.

Sector Priorities Including Outer Islands

The following are the current priority areas for the agriculture sector:

  • Minimisation of pest intrusions by streamlining and tightening quarantine activities at the ports of entry
  • Review and update the biosecurity legislation of the country
  • Increasing the local production of livestock (pigs, poultry, goats) fruits, vegetables and root crops to cater for the increased demand on the local market brought about partly by the expanded tourism industry
  • Management of horticultural pests and diseases
  • Promotion of organic agriculture due to world trends and the increasing input costs associated with the conventional methods of production
  • Re-establishing the agricultural research station on Mauke for the benefit of all islands
  • In collaboration with FAO, USP and SPC, implement funded projects in pest management, agricultural production & marketing, floriculture, food standards, information acquisition and dissemination, plant propagation, and agriculture infrastructure

 Sector Research Priorities

  • Survey to establish the status of livestock diseases
  • Management of livestock diseases
  • Management of viral infestations on selected crops
  • Potential market outlets overseas for Cook Islands agricultural products
  • Food processing/value adding and their potential for the local and export markets
  • Post harvest treatment of crops
  • Agricultural labour market

The Cook Islands receives support from various Partner Agencies, which have assisted development, implementation and growth of our Agriculture industry

Please find following documentation produced with Partner Agency support:

Food and Agriculture (FAO) Documentation- webpage

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) - webpage

Export Performance in South Pacific Countries pdf (136KB)

Agriculture Field Report Newsletters - webpage