Community Programmes

A number of small grant programmes available for community groups, sports associations, civil society and non-government organisations

Community Programmes

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For an overview of the available Small Grants Programme and contact person, check out the summary in the attachment below:

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Water Tank Subsidy Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is MFEM's role in this whole process? I thought water tank suppliers Cook Islands Building Supplies (CIBS) and CITC Hardware approves applications with Infrastructure Cook Islands 

A1: ROLE OF THIS AGENCY - Development Coordination Division, MFEM

MFEM project management oversight is in collaboration with its private sector partners as accredited water tank suppliers/installers namely Cook Islands Building Supplies and CITC Hardware and with potential new water tank owners in the consumers sector.

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Direct Aid Program - Australia

The Invite for Applications for 2017 is currently closed.

The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a flexible small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget and managed through the department’s overseas posts. The program focuses on supporting small-scale development projects and activities that involve the beneficiaries in the identification, design and management of the projects. Successful projects are required to appropriately acknowledge the Australian Government. 

Who may apply for a Direct Aid Program grant?

 Applications may be made by a Cook Islands Non-Governmental Organisation or by a ministry of the Cook Islands Government. All grants must be implemented solely in the Cook Islands. 

How do you apply for a Direct Aid Program grant?

Complete all sections of this application form and submit it to the Australian High Commission Wellington. Wherever you need to, attach additional information, such as project approval from relevant schools, quotes for equipment, construction plans and additional budget detail.

Application deadline is Friday, 15th October 2016 (CKI Time)

Applications can be directed to Ms. Emma Chattington, Protocal and Visits Officer, Australiana High Commission (

Download the application form below:

Direct Aid Program Application Form

Volunteer Services Abroad

Volunteer Services Abroad, is New Zealand’s largest and most experienced volunteer agency working in international development. Bringing together New Zealanders and Asia-Pacific to share their skills and experience, working to transform lives and create a fair future for all. 

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Food and Agriculture Documentation

The following informatiion has been produced through the support from FAO to assist the Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture meet their priorities. 

Sector Priorities Including Outer Islands

The following are the current priority areas for the agriculture sector:

  • Minimisation of pest intrusions by streamlining and tightening quarantine activities at the ports of entry
  • Review and update the biosecurity legislation of the country
  • Increasing the local production of livestock (pigs, poultry, goats) fruits, vegetables and root crops to cater for the increased demand on the local market brought about partly by the expanded tourism industry
  • Management of horticultural pests and diseases
  • Promotion of organic agriculture due to world trends and the increasing input costs associated with the conventional methods of production
  • Re-establishing the agricultural research station on Mauke for the benefit of all islands
  • In collaboration with FAO, USP and SPC, implement funded projects in pest management, agricultural production & marketing, floriculture, food standards, information acquisition and dissemination, plant propagation, and agriculture infrastructure

 Sector Research Priorities

  • Survey to establish the status of livestock diseases
  • Management of livestock diseases
  • Management of viral infestations on selected crops
  • Potential market outlets overseas for Cook Islands agricultural products
  • Food processing/value adding and their potential for the local and export markets
  • Post harvest treatment of crops
  • Agricultural labour market

Linking Farmers to Markets in the Cook Islands Report - May 2014 pdf (960KB)

Realising opportunities for locall produced food on the domestic and tourist markets (23 - 30 March 2014) presentation pdf (3000KB)

Strategies that reduce dependancy on imported produce report - June 2013 pdf (614KB)

Pacific Multi-Country CPF Document (2013 - 2017) pdf (3000KB)

Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP) (2004 - 2010) pdf (99KB)




Disaster Response and Risk Management

DRAFT Activity Completion Report MH Mauke Mitiaro Harbour Final Jan 2014

Cyclone Pat (Aitutaki)

Pukapuka Cyclone Management Report Aug 1998 (1MB)

Cyclone Assistance Emergency Assistance Project Completion Report Dec 2010 - (124KB)

Disaster Emergency Trust information:

Trust Fund Policy (220KB)

Trust Fund Deed (110KB)

Workshops and Presentations:

Regional Technical Workshop 20-21 March 2014

Pacific Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance - pdf (600 KB)


Social Impact Fund - SIF

The Cook Islands Social Impact Fund (SIF) previosly known as Community Initiative Scheme (CIS) was established as a partnership between the Cook Islands and New Zealand governments in 2012 to streamline funding support to the Cook Islands civil society sector.

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India Grant Fund

The India Grant Fund (IGF) was first announced at the 2006 Pacific Islands Forum and made available to each Pacific Island Country including the Cook Islands. It is administered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) and funded by the Government of India under their Grant-in Aid Programme. A total of USD$200,000 is available for the Cook Islands to access.

The main focal area of the grant funding from the Government of India is to support, promote, and/or develop social, economic and/or cultural, economic and social development and sustainanility. An additional prerequisite was the alignment to the Te Kaveinga Nui Framework NSDP 2016-2020 goals,

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UNESCO Participation Programme

General information can be found on the UNESCO site. Cook Islands proposals approved for the 2012/13 include:

  • Digitization of the audio visual collections of the national archives - $25,000 USD
  • Participation in advanced training in educational planning - $26,000 USD

Projects must be executed by 31 December 2013 with reporting due by 30 April 2014. Additionally Education have been given a $2,000 USD grant towards celebrating International Literacy Day on 8 September 2012, and are required to write a report on the event.

Contact the Ministry of Education for information about applying for funding from this programme.

Japan - Grant Assistance of Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP)

Japan’s Grant Assistance of Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) fund aims to provide assistance for self-supporting socio-economic development activities that benefit sectors at the grassroots level in the Cook Islands. The Embassy of Japan in New Zealand accepts applications from the following organisations in the Cook Islands:

  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs);
  • Local Government Units (LGUs); and
  • Public schools, Educational, Research and Medical Institutes.
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