United Nations GEF

As the UN system's development programme and a GEF Implementing Agency since 1991, UNDP supports countries in addressing development, climate, and ecosystem sustainability in an integrated manner.  As a GEF Implementing Agency, UNDP-GEF offers countries highly specialized technical services for eligibly assessment, programme/project formulation, due diligence, mobilization of required co-financing, project implementation oversight, results management and evaluation, performance-based payments and knowledge management. 

The key strength of UNDP-GEF is its three-tier system of quality control which relies on:

The proximity of UNDP Country Offices to country partners enabling them to provide local response and assurance; 

The presence of specialized region-based technical advisors able to back country office environmental focal points with expertise in technical subject areas, and knowledge of the range, requirements and processes of various financial mechanisms; and

Global technical advisors able to provide state of the art technical knowledge, forecast emerging policy trends, maintain links with specialized financial mechanisms, and lead new strategic capability development efforts.

During the GEF-4 period (2006-2010), over 100 countries selected to work with UNDP in accessing over US$ 1,3 billion from the GEF Trust Fund, and LDCFSCCF Trust Funds and combining this with over US$ 5,3 billion in co-financing to help them address priority global environmental issues in their countries.  These projects are executed by national governments, though international agencies and NGO’s also execute these projects on occasion. A wide range of public and private sector agencies and institutions, including local communities, are involved in project implementation. 

The UNDP-GEF Profile includes a brief overview of the UNDP-GEF team, profiles of its six technical teams and the priority signature programmes for each of the teams.  These are specific areas of expertise – the technical comparative advantage of UNDP as GEF implementing agency – that has been acquired through extensive experience and where UNDP-GEF can provide comprehensive support to partner countries to achieve transformational change. The profile outlines how the UNDP-GEF team operates, and includes a UNDP-GEF Unit Structure, an overview of the various trust funds administered by the GEF, and a list of the services that the UNDP-GEF provides to UNDP country offices and partner countries.

Caption from UNDP-GEF website