Readiness 2 Country Programme

Readiness Support 2  Country Programme – 24 month (2 year) programme

In August 2016, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management along with the Office of the Prime Minister started the process of developing and submitting their second readiness proposal to the GCF valued at USD685,900 targeted at Continuing to strengthen the National Designated Authority and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM), in developing strategic frameworks for engagement with the GCF, including the preparation of country programmes and progress towards Direct Access accreditation and programme development.

This readiness support will strengthen the capacity of the NDA and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) by retaining the current NDA Advisor and the National Programme Development Manager to continue progressing the GCF engagement in the Cook Islands. This request will also include the preparation of a national country programme and will support the Cook Islands pursuit of Direct Access through accreditation of national direct access entities.    

The NDA would also like to carry-out training for the NDA and MFEM, through the hiring of a consultant, to develop strategic frameworks and a Country Programme through the use of the tools developed by the GCF with the necessary linkages to existing national policies such as the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) 2016-2020, the national Climate and Disaster Compatible Development policy and the Joint National Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (JNAP) which is the country’s equivalent strategy to the National Adaptation Plan.

It is also envisaged that the consultant will develop a manual aimed to provide the reader with the step-by-step approach to develop a country programme tailored, and relevant to the Cook Islands. The NDA will communicate this work by hiring of a consultant with the expertise in developing communication products.

To carry out the all the work in this project, a number of 5 consultants will be hired, as listed below and demonstrated in the logical framework and the attached budget.

NDA Advisor 
NDA Consultant - CC Policy Analyst
Communications Consultant
Climate Change programme manager
National Programme Assistant

A further 2 international technical assistants will be engaged to review our national systems and policies around Environmental and social safeguards and gender to ensure the GCF policies in these areas are reflected.

GCF Fostering Resilience Workshop – October 2017

The Workshop was held at the Red Cross Complex in Tupapa on Friday 27th October 2017, which started at 8am and ended at 2pm. It was well attended and far exceeded our expectation with approximately 90+ participants representing a broad cross section of community, business and government interests.

Purpose and Objectives of the GCF Workshop

In May 2016, a national GCF workshop was held which identified 29 project proposal ideas in line with the GCF 8 impact areas. The main purpose of this workshop was to revisit these proposal ideas from 2016, take stock and add new ideas that may have emerged as priorities since 2016. Key points of consideration were:

  • Identify if the project ideas are still relevant;
  • Determine if they should be included in the GCF Cook Islands Country Programme;
  • Are there any additional project ideas that should be included; and
  • Refine the project proposal ideas.

The main objective of the identification of proposal ideas is to inform the development of the GCF Cook Islands Country Programme document and to ensure that extensive consultations are carried out throughout the process.

In addition, the workshop hoped to improve our stakeholder’s awareness and understanding of:

  • What is the GCF;
  • What has currently taken place to date under the GCF at the national level with regards to
    • Accreditation
    • Readiness support;
  • Provide clarity on the process to access GCF funds;
  • Provide clarity on the development of a GCF Country Programme.