Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC)

The Anti-Corruption Committee (the ACC) was formalized by Cabinet on 20 September 2011 in order to revive and complete the process required for the United Nations Convention Against Corruption to be acceded to by the Cook Islands. The ACC’s role is to promote and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption by, inter alia, proposing anti-corruption policies to Cabinet , and following up matters that may be referred to it by Cabinet.
The ACC provides a forum for the committee members to share of information, expertise, and resources as appropriate for the purpose of achieving ACC’s goals and objectives.

The ex officio members of the ACC are:

  1. The Solicitor-General, Crown Law Office;
  2. The Commissioner of Police, Ministry of Police;
  3. The Head of FIU, Financial Intelligence Unit;
  4. The Ombudsman, Ombudsman’s Office;
  5. The Director of PERCA
  6. Director of Audit, Audit Office
  7. Financial Secretary, MFEM;
  8. The Public Service Commissioner
  9. The Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office

The ACC may also invite others to join the committee or to attend meeting as necessary.

The ACC is currently chaired by the Solicitor-General