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This website is prepared to provide the Public access to information produced by the ministry and to keep you informed of what's going on.

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The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) was created with the enactment of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Act (MFEM Act)1995-1996 at the outset of the Economic Reform Program in the 1990s.

We recognise that the ministry serves Four (4) separate functions, namely:

  • Treasury Operations concerning Fiscal and financial management of public expenditure;
  • Revenue collection (tax and customs), facilitating trade and protecting the border;
  • Collection and dissemination of statistics; and
  • Responsible for the planning and overall management of donor program and project activities.

The common focus of the different functions of the ministry is service and sound decision-making.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management was formed during the 1996 Reform Process and is frequently referred to by its acronym MFEM.

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