Cook Islands Renewable Energy Charts and Implementation Plans

 The Cook Islands Government is taking a bold step towards transforming its dependency on fossil fuel. Plans to transform the energy sector from one dependent on imported petroleum to one that relies 100 per cent on renewable energy by 2020 are set out in the Cook Islands Renewable Energy Chart.

 The Cook Islands Government recognises that the full benefits of investing in renewable energy sources for generating electricity can only be realised when undertaken as part of an overall plan for the electricity sector. This plan must incorporate:

  •  increased efficiency both in electricity supply and use;
  • improved access;
  • reduced environmental impacts; and
  • enhanced energy security, while ensuring the sector remains financially viable in the long term.

The commitment to renewable energy is a fundamental prerequisite to sustainable development. It also underlines the Government’s commitment to meeting its climate change obligations, preserving the country’s pristine environment and fragile ecosystems, and also strengthening the level of energy security and therefore sustainable economic growth.

 In 2011 a Renewable Energy Development Division (REDD) was established to administer the Renewable Energy Chart Implementation Plan, working in conjunction with Te Aponga Uira (power company on Rarotonga), the eleven Island Administration and Councils which are responsible for their island energy needs, development partners, the Development Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) and the Renewable Energy Committee chaired by the Prime Minister.  

 In an endeavour to achieve the 2020 goal, the following plans have been developed. 

Cook Islands Renewable Electricity Chart 
This Chart outlines the vision, mission and objectives for a Cook Islands that uses 100 per cent renewable energy.

Cook Islands Energy Chart Implementation Plan towards 2020
The Implementation Plan includes details how the goals outlined in the Chart will be achieved.

Islands Specific Renewable Energy Implementation Plan
This Implementation plan is outlined specific to each island of the Cook islands and the processes. This document must be read in conjunction with the ‘Cook Islands Renewable Energy Chart Implementation Plan’ towards 2020.