The function of this office is to assess and collect taxes payable to the Crown. 

Revenue Management  (RMD) is a division of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management. We administer the Income Tax Act 1997, Value Add Tax Act 1997 and the Customs Legislation. 

Taxes are established by Parliament and it is our function to administer the tax laws in such a way that all taxpayers are treated fairly and equally. No one is above the law and we have a duty to ensure that all individuals and companies follow this principle. Historically, taxes have been used for many centuries as a means of raising money for Kingdoms and Governments. However, with the development of more complex economies in recent times, taxes are no longer the sole means for raising government revenue, but are now used as a means of achieving the economic and social goals of Government in many parts of the world, including the Cook Islands. 

Revenue Management provides a number of services including advice to taxpayers on their legal responsibilities and how to comply with these. We also assist in the calculation and assessment of taxes, collection of taxes, issuance of tax refunds, the conducting of audits, and the providing of advice to Government on the effectiveness of tax law. 

Our Vision

"We will act without fear or favour to collect revenue which pays for our Cook Islands way of life"