Individual Income Tax

Income Tax is paid on all income earned in the Cook Islands and all worldwide income received by Cook Island tax residents.

Taxpayers are required to file annual income tax returns. Individual income tax returns are due on 1 March the following year.

The Cook Islands tax year is 1 January - 31 December. Tax payments due to RMD 1 October. Subject to additional tax as of 1 November.

Example: Income received in tax year 2018. Declared 1 March 2019. Tax payable 1 October 2019. Subject to additional tax 1 November 2019.

Individual Income Tax

Businesses not incorporated, such as most shops, must declare their revenue as personal income, either as a sole proprietor or in a partnership.

Individual income tax rates for the 2018 period are as follows:

  • 0                 -     $11,000        exempt
  • $11,001    -     $30,000        17%
  • $30,001    -     $80,000        27%
  • $80,001   &    above            30%

Note: the $11,000 exemption (as of 1 January 2014) is for a full year of residence in the Cook Islands. The exemption is apportioned to the number of days of residence for individuals who have not been present in the Cook Islands for a full year.

Secondary Tax Code Application Form

Updated 12.06.2018 (CP)