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Final Results 2014

Cook islands General Elections 2014: Final Results 




Final Count

Seats gained




Tupapa-Maraerenga George Maggie Angene One Cook Islands Movement Inc.


tick mark 
Lee Harmon Democratic Party  282
Isaia Willie Jnr Cook Islands Party  197
Takuvaine-Tutakimoa Mark Brown Cook Islands Party 313  tick mark
Tuaputa Petero Dyer Democratic Party  177
Avatiu-Ruatonga John Mokoenga Tikaka Henry Cook Islands Party 258
Albert Taaviri Kaitara Nicholas Democratic Party  292 tick mark 
Nikao-Panama Ngamau Mere Munokoa Democratic Party  417 tick mark 
Piritau Nga Cook Islands Party 234
Ruaau David Tetupuariki Akanoa Cook Islands Party 246
William William Heather  Democratic Party  386 tick mark 
Akaoa Nooroa O Teariki Baker Democratic Party  185
Teariki William Heather Cook Islands Party 201 tick mark 
Murienua Patrick Akaiti Arioka Cook Islands Party 221
James Vini Beer Democratic Party  225 tick mark 
Titikaveka Teava Iro Titikaveka Oire Incorporated 96
Teariki Matenga Cook Islands Party 268
Selina  Napa Democratic Party  337 tick mark 
Ngatangiia Atatoa Joseph Herman Cook Islands Party 183
Ngateina Jasmine Mackenzie Independent 73
Tamaiva Tuavera Democratic Party  257 tick mark 
Matavera Cassey Tereapii Eggelton Democratic Party  275
Turepu  Kiriau Cook Islands Party  288 tick mark 
Amuri-Ureia Terepai Maoate Democratic Party  148
Isamaela Toanui Isamaela Cook Islands Party 203  tick mark
Arutanga-Reureu-Nikaupara Teinakore Bishop One Cook Islands Movement Inc. 204  tick mark
Teuira Manuela Ka Democratic Party  95
Vaipae-Tautu Kete Ioane Democratic Party  172
Mona Ioane Kake Cook Islands Party 178  tick mark
Oneroa  Poroaiti Arokapiti Cook Islands Party 67
Kareroa  Wesley Democratic Party  117 tick mark 
Ivirua (uncontested) Jim Marurai Democratic Party un-contested  tick mark 
Tamarua Tetangi Matapo Democratic Party 30  tick mark
Tokorua Pareina Cook Islands Party 27
Teenui-Mapumai Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown Cook Islands Party 71  tick mark
Norman George Democratic Party 59
Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua Nandi Tuaine Glassie Cook Islands Party 88  tick mark
Eugene Tatuava Democratic Party 73
Mauke Hugh Richard Graham Democratic Party 48
Tai Tura Cook Islands Party 82 tick mark 
Tungane Williams One Cook Islands Movement Inc. 63
Mitiaro Tuakeu Tangatapoto Cook Islands Party 50 draw 
Tangata Vavia Democratic Party 50 draw 
Manihiki Tereapii Piho Democratic Party 74
Henry Puna Cook Islands Party 78  tick mark
Rakahanga Toka Hagai Cook Islands Party 39  tick mark
Taunga Toka Democratic Party 22
Pukapuka-Nassau Tekii Lazaro Cook Islands Party 128 tick mark 
Vai Tamaiti Peua Democratic Party  120
Tai Ravarua One Cook Islands Movement Inc. 25
Penrhyn Willie John Cook Islands Party 78  tick mark
Wilkie Olaf Patua Rasmussen Democratic Party  68
    Total number of seats:




The figures released above are from the Final counts conducted over the week begining 14th july to 17th July 2014. All results to be finalised by Friday 18th, any petitions to be lodged 7 days after its release to the high court.

 Some results have since been adjusted due to the petitions (9) that were taken to court. Murienua and Akaoa had their petition withdrawn. The constituency marked with yellow box are the winners of their respective petitions, except for mitiaro who will go to the polls again to determine the winner of the seat.

Court Decides Mitiaro seat:

The Mitiaro seat was decided in the court sitting to determine the eligibility of a voter to be able to have their vote validated or not, the decision was handed down in favour of the democratic partycandidate after the court case was finalised and closed.

Mitiaro   Tuakeu Tangatapoto  Cook Islands Party 
 Tangata Vavia  Democratic Party tick mark 

 Vaipae Tautu By Election 2015:

The By Election for Vaipae Tautu was held in March 31 2015 with the final result going the way of the Cook Isands Party candidate Mr Mona Ioane Kake

Vaipae Tautu Mona Ioane Cook Islands party 174  tick mark
Ameria Davey One Cook Islands Party 98
Teinakore Ioane Democratic Party 96

Total number of seats: (as at 1/4/2015)

Cook islands Party: 12
Democratice Party: 10
One Cook Islands: 2