Te Tarai Vaka - Policies, Guidelines & Templates

Phase 1: Orama / Planning 

Identification, Design, Appraise

Environmental Social Safeguards & Risk


Our National Sustainable Development Plan has an overarching vision “To enjoy the highest quality of life consistent with the aspirations of our people in harmony with our culture and environment”, “Te oraanga tu rangatira kia tau ki te anoano o te iti tangata, e kia tau ki ta tatou peu Maori e te aotini taporoporoia o te basileia”.  To achieve this vision we must proactively manage development in a sustainable way.  Sustainable development requires a healthy environment, conserved and managed natural resources, and resilient communities.  

The Te Tarai Vaka Environment and Social Safeguards Policy has been introduced to manage the potential adverse impacts to the environment and communities posed by Activities, ensuring a minimum 'do-no-harm' approach.  The policy sets out a process for assessing and managing potential adverse environmental and social impacts as an integral part of TTV.  Specifically we will be looking to identify and exploit opportunities to conserve and enhance the environment and social well-being;  we will be identifying and managing potential risks posed by climate change and natural hazards and exploiting opportunities to strengthen the resilience of communities and the country as a whole to these hazards; we will aim to ensure Activities are designed to be consistent with environmental, social and human rights commitments of the Cook Islands and finally we aim to build ownership and accountability among the community.  It is our expectation that all Government staff familiarise themselves with this policy (and the associated guidelines) to ensure we all work towards our vision.

A training workshop hosted by ADB in August 2015 provided stakeholders with information and guidence to environmental and social safeguard aspects. For more information please click on the following link to be redirected to the ADB - Training workshops webpage.

Phase 2 - Tarai / Implementation, Reporting and Monitoring

Phase 3 - Akara Matatio /Evaluation and Completion Plan