Te Tarai Vaka

Early 2014 the Development Coordination Division (DCD) commenced work on an “Activity Management System” (AMS) called Te Tarai Vaka. 
In the past our approach to activity management was often fragmented and ineffective. Development partners have certain requirements they want us to meet in order to access development assistance. By tailoring the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade system into Cook Island context, Te Tarai Vaka / Activity Management System has streamlined our approach to how we plan, implement and monitor projects (labelled “activities”) across government and its partners in the Development Assistance area as well as aligning to the Adaptation Fund National Implementing Entity (NIE) requirements to better enable the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management's (MFEM) application for accreditation towards becoming a National Implementing Entity

Mid 2015, Te Tarai Vaka was embedded in the Development Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management and distributed for use by other ministries and agencies.

Te Tarai Vaka has three phases. These are shown in the image below.

TTV three phase image 1We believe that transparent, responsive and accountable institutions are a vital part of what it takes to improve people’s lives and implement a sustainable development agenda.”  
Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, 24 September 2014

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Watch this video - Understanding the basics of Te Tarai Vaka. The Cook Islands Activity Management System - Youtube